Induction cap sealing machine - HF3000

All Stainless Setting,
High Power Output Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The newest cap sealing machine has special features that are high power output and stainless made all set. The high power output let you could finish sealing in short time. Which specially suit for customers who need to seal the bottle in short time. All set made by stainless stand,English/Chinese LCD monitor display, foil detector with total sum calculation, and power adjustment let you could more convenient using our machine. The easy operation let you could use it in the laboratory and clean room.


MODEL  HF-3000(Conveyor)    HF-3000(Stainless Stand)  
Power Output  Max 3000W    Max 3000W  
Input Voltage  220 V / 1ph   220 V / 1 ph  
Max. Current  18 A   18 A  
Cap Diameter  16-60mm/16-80mm/60-120mm   16-60mm/16-80mm/60-120mm  
Belt Speed  Max : 60m / min      
Cooling System   Liquid Cooled   Liquid Cooled  
Generator Type MOS-FET   MOS-FET  
Frequency(KHZ)  40-100    40-100   
Generator Size 48 x 38 x 160 cm   48 x 38 x 160 cm  
Measurement  116 x 152 x 190 cm   98 x 60 x 180 cm  
N.W. / G.W. 140 / 300 kg    100 / 210 kg  

  • Special customized cap size acceptable
  • Special customized conveyor acceptable
  • All specifications,design and characteristices shown on this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

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